Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Luke had a really bad winter last year. He had several ear infections & was scheduled for tubes on Jan. 19th. A few days before, he was sick with bronchilitis. Our pediatrician told us we had to postpone the tubes. Apparently the anesthesia is really hard on the lungs & with Luke having this respiratory infection it wasn't safe for tubes. Well, the night of the 19th, I noticed he was really breathing hard & fast. I asked Bret to watch him & he said to call the doctor. Well, when daddy says call the doctor, I knew it was bad. The nurse told me to bring him to the ER because he may need a breathing treatment. It was late (10:30 pm), so I packed up a few things for Luke, got myself dressed & headed out to Children's. Bret stayed at home because we didn't want to wake Jack up, & we sure didn't want him to be in the waiting room during cold & flu season. Bret's parents were on stand-by just in case, but we really thought we would be back home.

One breathing treatment done, no change. Luke's oxygen levels were lingering around 90, not good. Two more treatments done over the next few hours, no change. Now his oxygen levels were dipping close to 85. Around 4:30 am (I think), the doctor tells me that they will admit Luke because he will have to be on oxygen. Bret called around 6:00 am & I told him to get Jack off to school & come down to the hospital. He got there right after they got us to Luke's room. Luke's oxygen levels were up & down all day & the doctor told us that when he could go without oxygen for 24 hours, then we could go home.

The next morning, Luke woke up with a high fever of 103.5. Of course, Bret & I were worried, but the nurses & doctor were worried, too. They checked Luke for the flu, RSV, and pneumonia. RSV was the culprit, as well as an ear infection. So, antibiotics were started for his ears, respiratory therapy was started for the RSV, and Tylenol & Motrin were alternated for the fever.

Even with Luke as sick as he was, the nurses & doctor said he was the happiest patient they had on the floor! I know my sweet baby was very sick, but he really was happy! I'm so thankful that he was able to smile & laugh when I know he felt so bad! He even did the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song for his nurses! And every time the nurses or Dr. Salmon came to see him, he had to blow them kisses when they left! Sweet boy!

He was in the hospital for 4 nights! Yikes! That's a long time these days for a hospital stay! We are so thankful that we have Children's Hospital here. They see children from all over the world & they are just awesome! Luke had the best care the whole time he was there!

Of course, I had my camera part of the time during Luke's stay.

This was the first morning, right after daddy got there:

Luke wasn't very happy here when his sweet nurse was trying to get his oxygen hooked up, but at least he wasn't crying!

Bret brought some toys for Luke since he was isolated to his room:

Walking around & playing in the room.

Luke's little friend, James & his parents sent this sweet basket. I just had to take Luke's picture with it!

Luke was such a little trooper, but he did have moments where he was just worn out, especially when his fever would creep back up.

Did I mention how much we LOVE Children's Hospital? While we were there with Luke, I would sometimes walk down to the cafeteria or just outside for a little break while Bret stayed with Luke. I met some other parents who were there with babies with RSV. I also talked a mom who had just found out her 9-year old son had kidney cancer. I was getting on the elevator & this mom got on. The elevator was full, and I think it was all parents or grandparents, no hospital staff. This mom just broke down on the elevator with strangers. It was awful! We all comforted her, cried with her. None of us knew her, but we were all mommies & daddies, or grammys or papas that loved their children, and we all hurt for her. I know Luke was in bad shape & we were scared for him. But, there are so many other children who are so very sick. I still pray for these children because I know that my children could be in that situation one day.

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