Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Children's Hospital Part 2

OK. I love Children's Hospital, but I would really love to never have to go there again! Two weeks later, Luke was back in the hospital. Bless him! He caught a stomach virus. We didn't think it was bad because he only threw up twice one night. The next day, he drank enough to have about 7 wet diapers. But when he woke up the next day, he was so pitiful. Grammy was at the house & we decided that we needed to take him in. He was so severely dehydrated that his blood sugar had dropped to 30! Yes, 30! The nurses stuck him so many times trying to get an iv going, and he felt so bad that he never even flinched. It was pitiful! The doctors were very worried because he had only thrown up twice & had no diarrhea. They tested him for a few things just to be sure it wasn't something worse, but it wasn't.

They admitted him and after about 3 bags of fluids, he finally starting urinating & drinking. Praise the Lord!

Again, Children's Hospital, we love you & we are so thankful that you are here in Birmingham. But, I would love it if we never met again!

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