Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We LOVE the beach! We are fortunate enough to be able to go every year in May. It's a work trip for Bret, and his company is kind enough to allow their employees to bring their families. We've been going since before Jack was born & we love it! This year, Grammy & Papa (Bret's parents) went with us & we all had fun. I was a little worried about Luke. Didn't know if he would like the sand (Jack wouldn't put his feet in the sand until he was 4!). Luke LOVED the sand! And, Jack LOVED the gulf! Jack loves to swim in the pool, but he has never really cared about the gulf. Well, this year he was so brave & wanted to play in the gulf! Jack lost a tooth at the beach (2 years in a row), we played, ate great food, and relaxed (well, Bret worked mostly).

Jack loves to be buried in the sand!

Jack showing off his muscles! (With his feet in the gulf!)

Luke loved the sand! Every day we had to bathe him extra long to get all of the sand off of him. He even would get it in his ears!

My sweet boy!

Did you notice the matching bathing suits?

Grammy & I took the boys down to the beach before dinner one night to try & get some pictures. These were my favorites!

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