Thursday, January 20, 2011

I.MET.JACKSON.RATHBONE. (aka Jasper Cullen)

Jackson Rathbone!!

I love the Twilight books & movies. I am definitely Team Edward, but I am also Team Jasper! I love Jasper's character, a vampire from the south from the Civil War era. A true southern gentleman, if that can be said of a vampire, (which I think it can since it's fiction!) And that smile, wow! Here's Jackson as Jasper Cullen:

Anyway, Jackson Rathbone plays Jasper in the Twilight movies (and he's also been in some other movies & tv shows), and he's also in a band called 100 Monkeys. They are awesome! Their music is very funky. Well, 100 Monkeys came to Birmingham on December 27th. Lisa, Charlotte & I bought our tickets right after the date was announced (like 2 months before the concert!). The band had a promotion on their website for their fans to win meet & greet passes for their shows. I WON!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!

We got to meet them before the show. Lisa, Charlotte & I were some of the lucky winners! The guys were very, very nice. They are so appreciative of their fans.

Yes, that's me, between Jackson & Jerad! WOW!
(L-R: Uncle Larry, Ben Graupner, Lisa, Jackson Rathbone, me!, Jerad Anderson, Charlotte, Ben Johnson)

My friend, Kathy, met us there with her friend, Martina & we all had a great time! The show was awesome! They are so talented. They switched instruments & took turns singing lead. The crowd was really into it so that made it even more fun! They said they will definitely come back to Birmingham. I really hope they do! Maybe I'll get lucky & get to meet them again!

Sigh! I still can't believe that I got to talk to, touch & hug Jackson Rathbone! Check one off of my bucket list!!

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